Roc Fit is an excellent training service. It pushed me beyond my limits where my mind was keeping me. The workouts were intense and combined with a healthy eating regime the results showed. When I traveled or felt unmotivated Roscoe was a text, phone call or email away to check on me and provide those encouraging words to keep me focused on my goal. I lost 40lbs for my best friends wedding and kept that weight off.

From my experience with Roc Fit, working out or just moving for 30-45mins has become a lifestyle. I do not feel normal if I do not manage to do something. Now I’m on my next goal, thanks to Roscoe. Goodbye to gimmicks and fads.

Ashley Watson

It was great to work with Roscoe. While there were times that I struggled and didn’t want to work out, he motivated me in a stern yet understanding way. This was exactly what I needed! The accountability, structure, discipline, and firm delivery is what whipped me into shape. He wasn’t a drill sergeant, constantly yelling, but instead he pushed me by being direct and uplifting. When scheduling, Roscoe was flexible and came to a location that was convenient for me. We didn’t need a fancy gym, and he brought any weights or equipment that were needed for our workouts. If this is what you’re looking for, I’d highly recommend Roscoe!

C. Martin

My experience working out with Roscoe was awesome! I needed a couple of sessions to get me back on track with some fitness goals so I decided to give him a try. He is knowledgeable, attentive, patient, and encouraging. He will push you (safely) outside of your comfort zone to what he professionally believes is your potential. I most certainly saw results that I’m satisfied with. Roscoe is good at demonstrating the exercises safely and I felt confident to do them on my own once I was done with training. I highly recommend training with Roc Fitness.


My fitness goals have always been to be a healthier me. While training with Roscoe, I have someone that is going to push me and not allow me to give up with the going gets tough. At first I was sore everyday but now I look forward to my training sessions because I know that I’m getting one step closer to a better me. If you are looking for a personal trainer that is going to push you and motivate you at the same time, Roscoe is that trainer. As he says, “it’s all about how bad you want it!!!”

Phylicia Lovelace

I was already into working out and thought I had nice arms and strong legs and back UNTIL I met you! Wow after each and every session I am feeling good and excited for the next session. You are a good trainer. Ladies if you want a trainer to push you to work harder and get those flabby spots tight you will not be disappointed. I hope my legs carry me the rest of today after our welcome back from vacation workout!!!!

Donna Johnson

Although he has a quiet demeanor, he’s no joke in the gym, stern yet professional. I worked muscles I never even knew I had. My husband noticed results within 2 weeks of being on Roc’s program. I was much more defined and tight. If you are ready to work hard and see results, Roc is the man for you.”

Kellie J

Quick Results! I consulted my trainer, Roscoe with Roc Fitness Training, about my specific goals and he provided me with a full body workout that focused on my “problem” areas. The progress was evident in a couple of days and now I am addicted to the burn… lol… because I can see the results.”

Sharon M

If you are looking for a true “Personal Trainer” then Roscoe (Roc) is that person. I started working out with Roc when I was at my heaviest weight ever. Not only did he give me the motivation to try, but his support and encouragement in and out of the gym was awesome. He certainly tailored my workout to benefit me. When he saw that my upper body strength was not enough to do 5 pushups, he redesigned the workout so that I could not only work the same muscles, but it allowed me to eventually get up to 30 pushups at one time.”

Jacqueline D. Kee

Indeed RocFitness is a great beginning to a bodylicous end…! Roc defines PERSONAL Trainer in all aspects… He targets your area of concern while including exercises that tones and tightens EVERY inch of your body… A COMPLETE full body workout all while meeting your MAIN GOAL… He makes the environment fun and light…! Very personable and bound to keep you laughing and motivated throughout your work out… Be ready for a GREAT work out, a few laughs and a body to die for…!! You Make The Goal…! Roc Sets The Plan…! Together you’ll get ROC FIT!

Verná R

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